Esopus (Ashokan) Watershed: Projects and Programs

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The Esopus (Ashokan) Basin Project Summary provides information on the primary full channel stream restoration, riparian buffer restoration, stormwater and infrastructure, streambank stabilization, post-flood response and floodplain restoration projects that have been completed since 1999 as part of the Esopus (Ashokan) Basin Stream Management Program. Stream projects were constructed to meet multiple objectives including: water quality enhancement, infrastructure protection, improved flood conveyance and sediment transport, improved fish habitat, improved riparian functions and to demonstrate natural channel design. These projects constitute only one component of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County’s stream management program.

Please contact Adam Doan at (845)-688-3047 or for more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with a riparian project contact Bobby Taylor at

Esopus (Ashokan) Watershed: Featured Projects 

Esopus (Ashokan) Watershed: Projects

BasinProject NameCountyMunicipalityProject TypeYear CompletedCost TotalCost DEPLength (ft)
AshokanBroadstreet HollowGreeneTown of LexingtonFull Channel Restoration2001$354,066$354,0661100
AshokanBroadstreet Hollow RepairGreeneTown of LexingtonFull Channel Restoration2008$52,969$52,969400
AshokanEsopus Creek at Brown RdUlsterTown of ShandakenPost-Flood Response2010$10,000$10,000600
AshokanEsopus Creek at Woodland ValleyUlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2003$1,027,968$591,5931000
AshokanStony Clove at PhoeniciaUlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2011$103,496$103,4961000
AshokanStony Clove at Stony Clove LaneUlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2014$540,146$135,036455
AshokanStony Clove at Wright RoadGreeneTown of HunterFull Channel Restoration2015$1,802,985$450,7462675
AshokanStony Clove Creek, Chichester Site 1UlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2012$1,020,369$352,784650
AshokanStony Clove Creek, Chichester Site 2,3UlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2013$1,415,113$503,2821350
AshokanStony Clove, Chichester Site 4UlsterTown of ShandakenStreambank Stabilization2013$132,069$132,069200
AshokanStony Clove, LanesvilleGreeneTown of HunterFull Channel Restoration2005$298,371$298,3711700
AshokanStony Clove, Lanesville RepairGreeneTown of HunterFull Channel Restoration2014$301,789$301,7891300
AshokanStony Clove/Warner Creek, Silver HollowUlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2014$1,585,454$396,3631300
AshokanTraver Hollow Culvert ReplacementUlsterTown of OliveStormwater and Infrastructure2011$107,479$107,479100
AshokanWarner Creek, Site 5UlsterTown of ShandakenFull Channel Restoration2013$495,465$285,762800
AshokanWoodland Valley, Fawn Hill RoadUlsterTown of ShandakenStreambank Stabilization2010$125,000$35,07580