Neversink Watershed: Projects and Programs

Catskill Streams MapThe Neversink Basin Project Summary provides information on the primary full channel stream restoration, riparian buffer restoration, stormwater and infrastructure, streambank stabilization and floodplain restoration projects that have been completed since 1999 as part of the Neversink Stream Management Program. This partnership was greatly enhanced in 2009 with an increased level of commitment and partnership between the NYCDEP and Sullivan County SWCD.

Stream projects were constructed to meet multiple objectives including: water quality enhancement, infrastructure protection, improved flood conveyance and sediment transport, improved fish habitat, improved riparian functions and to demonstrate natural channel design. These projects constitute only one component of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District’s stream management program.

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Neversink Watershed: Featured Projects

Neversink Watershed: Projects and Programs

BasinProject NameCountyMunicipalityProject TypeLead AgencyMatch FundStatusYear CompleteTotal Cost DEP Cost Length (Feet)Area (Acres)
NeversinkWest Branch Neversink, Habitat Rest. Proj.SullivanTown of NeversinkFull Channel RestorationSCSWCDDEPCompleted2013$687,805$687,80510005
NeversinkEB Neversink, C CSBIUlsterTown of DenningRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCD Completed2011In houseIn house1200.09
NeversinkDenning Town HallUlsterTown of CarvilleRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCD Completed2011In houseIn house3570.29
NeversinkNeversink River, PB CSBIUlsterTown of DenningRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCD Completed2012$73,395$73,3955040.31
NeversinkEB Neversink, S CSBIUlsterTown of DenningRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCD Completed2011In houseIn house5020.62
NeversinkBiscuit Brook, Frost ValleyUlsterTown of NeversinkRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCDCompleted201311,856.00118565940
NeversinkWintoon Waters 1, Flat Brook CulvertUlsterTown of NeversinkRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCDCompleted2013414414880
NeversinkWintoon Waters 2, County LineUlsterTown of NeversinkRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCDCompleted20133,512.003512400
NeversinkNeversink, S.SullivanTown of DenningRiparian Buffer PlantingSCSWCDCompleted201312,886.0012886540
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