Stream Management Program’s Funding Opportunities

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative

The overall goal of the CSBI is to inform and assist landowners in better stewardship of their riparian (streamside) area through protection, enhancement, management, or restoration.  The program can provide:  1) Riparian Corridor Management Plans to create awareness about riparian management issues specific to individual properties;  2) Best management practice design and/or prescriptive measures and installation to encourage positive riparian stewardship and;  3) Educational materials and activities as needed by landowners to understand the critical role of their buffer and how to maintain it in optimal functioning condition.

Applications are due annually on June 1st and November 1st.  Applications and contact information are available online at:

Streamside Acquisition Program

Through this program the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development works with interested landowners in the Schoharie Basin to acquire eligible vacant streamside property at fair market value for ownership by New York City. This land is set aside for preservation as natural, forested ‘buffers’ and floodplains to protect water quality, mitigate flood risk, and protect fish and wildlife habitat.

Landowners who might be interested in selling some or all of their vacant property can learn more about this program at: or by contacting Streamside Acquisition Program Manager Kali Bird at (845) 544-9096 or

Stream Management Implementation Programs

– Schoharie Watershed Stream Management Implementation Program

Guided by stream stewardship principles, the Schoharie Watershed Program offers assistance to local communities, residents, and organizations to advance recommendations from Schoharie Basin Stream Management Plans. Categories of funding include: Recreation and Stream Habitat Improvements, Education on Watershed Protection, Highway and Infrastructure Improvement, Planning & Assessment, Landowner Stream Assistance, and Flood Hazard Mitigation.  Applications due each year on March 15th and September 15th. Click HERE for applications and more information.

Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Implementation Program

The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program supports projects to improve water quality, protect or improve highway infrastructure through stream and floodplain management, enhance stream access and recreation, mitigate flood hazards, conduct research and monitoring, and carry out education and training related to stream stewardship. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

•  Be a local, county, state, or federal government agency, 501c organization, secondary school district, college or university.

• Submit a project that is relevant to stream management in the Ashokan Watershed. Higher priority will be given to projects that directly implement Action Plan recommendations identified in the grant application guidelines.

• Projects must be located within the Ashokan Reservoir watershed and directly benefit local communities.

For more information contact Leslie Zucker at or (845) 688-3047 ext 2.  Also visit:

Delaware Watershed Stream Management Implementation Program

The Delaware Watershed Stream Management Grant Program offers assistance to local communities, residents, and organizations to advance recommendations from the East and West Branch Delaware River Stream Corridor Management Plans. Categories of funding include: Flood Management, Highway and Infrastructure Improvement, Stormwater Implementation and/or Critical Area Seedling, Recreation-Based Opportunities or Habitat Enhancements, General Restoration Projects, Education/Outreach/Training, on Watershed Protection, and Planning & Assessment.  Click HERE for applications and more information.

Neversink and Rondout Stream Management Implementation Program

Please contact Stacie Howell, Stream Program Coordinator, Sullivan County SWCD, or 845) 985-2581 for additional information

Please see more information at Rondout Neversink Stream Program

Previous SMIP Awards

Complete list of grants funded to date in the NYC West-of-Hudson watershed.