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Filtration Avoidance Determination Reports

2016 Filtration Avoidance Determination Annual Report


Annual Action Plans

Esopus Creek – Action Plan 2023-2025

Schoharie Creek – Action Plan 2023-2025

Rondout Creek – Action Plan 2023-2025

Neversink River – Action Plan 2023-2025

West Branch Delaware River – Action Plan 2023-2025

East Branch Delaware River – Action Plan 2023-2025


SMP Research Initiatives

Upper Esopus Creek Turbidity/Suspended Sediment Monitoring Study: Project Design Report
This technical report describes the research-based approach to improve understanding of turbidity generation in the Ashokan watershed and to evaluate the effectiveness of stream management practices to meaningfully reduce turbidity over a range of hydrologic, spatial and temporal scales.

Esopus Creek Watershed Turbidity Study Design Report

Stony Clove Watershed Suspended Sediment and Turbidity MonitoringStudy: Turbidity Reduction Project Nomination Report
This technical report is a January 2019 FAD deliverable report that describes the science-based approach to selecting three priority stream sediment turbidity reduction projects (STRP) in the Stony Clove watershed that can be incorporated into the research project evaluating STRP efficacy at reducing turbidity across a range of spatial, temporal and hydrologic scales.

FAD 4.6 SMP Stony Clove STRP Nomination Report

Upper Esopus Creek Watershed Turbidity/Suspended Sediment Monitoring Study: Biennial Status Report
This technical report is a March 2019 FAD deliverable report (revised in June 2019) that describes the status of the first two water years (October 2016 – September 2018) of the Upper Esopus Creek watershed turbidity/suspended sediment monitoring and source sediment characterization research conducted by NYCDEP and USGS.

FAD 4.6 SMP Esopus Creek Watershed Turbidity_SS Study 2019 Biennial Status Report


Evaluation Reports