Stream Management Implementation Program


The foundation of the stream management implementation program (SMIP) are the stream management plans. Stream management plans were designed as comprehensive reviews of stream characteristics, conditions, processes and management strategies. The management strategies consist of measures that can be taken individually and collectively to improve and/or protect water quality, reduce the flood risks associated with living streamside, improve the ecology of the stream and floodplain, while protecting the stream’s many resource values. Ultimately, the plans are meant to assist watershed municipalities and residents in planning for a sustainable future for their property, infrastructure, water and biological resources. Please visit the stream management plan page to view the plans developed in the NYC West-of-Hudson watershed.

As of 2011, the Stream Management Program (SMP) has finalized plans for all major watersheds – 89% of the West of Hudson watershed area – and has advanced implementation of plan recommendations in most basins. Stream management plans and the dialogue fostered with stakeholder groups supported the extension of stream management approaches and technologies, such as natural channel design and restoration. This information transfer has been critical to the successful implementation of the plans. Adoption of the plans by municipalities was a significant public outreach effort that resulted in greater understanding of the contents of the plans and a commitment by both the community and local partner to support its implementation. In each basin, the partnering agency met with municipal leaders, presented the plan and asked that the municipality formally adopt the plan, stream stewardship principals and sign an memorandum of understanding (MOU) to guide implementation. Of the 38 municipalities covered by the plans, all but one municipality adopted their plan and signed an MOU. Adoption cleared the path for the implementation of the plans and the initiation of the locally implemented stream management grant programs. Although many of the rules and processes are similar, the grant program in each basin operates independently. This independent genesis has fostered creativity and boosted local buy-in.

* This page contains summaries of stream management implementation program grants awarded to date throughout the NYC West-of-Hudson watershed. Please note, construction projects are also listed on the basin’s “project” page. Finally, when the stream management program is referenced it includes NYCDEP SMP and its primary partners: Greene County SWCD (Schoharie), Ulster County SWCD and Cornell Cooperative Extension (Ashokan), Delaware County SWCD (East and West Branch Delaware) and Sullivan County SWCD (Neversink and Rondout).  To research applying for a stream management implementation program grant start here.

Ashokan Watershed – Stream Management Implementation Program

BasinProject Title       Applicant            Project LocationAmount AwardedYear AwardedStatusYear Completed
AshokanLeaping Trout Art ProjectAshokan-Pepacton Watershed Chapter-Trout UnlimitedAshokan Watershed9252010Complete2010
AshokanRosgen Level 2 - UC SWCDUlster County Soil and Water Cons. DistrictAshokan Watershed22352010Complete2010
AshokanRosgen Level 3 - UC SWCDUlster County Soil and Water Cons. DistrictAshokan Watershed40972010Complete2010
AshokanCatskill Kiosk Panel ProjectCatskill Center for Conservation and DevelopmentEsopus Creek50002010Complete2010
AshokanRosgen Level 1 - UC DPWUlster County Dept. of Public WorksAshokan Watershed30002010Complete2011
AshokanRoadside Drainage Class for Highway StaffUlster County Cornell Coop. ExtensionAshokan Watershed8742010Complete2012
AshokanWoodstock Watershed Education ProjectTown of WoodstockWoodstock44002010Complete2012
AshokanWatershed Detectives ProgramBennett Elementary SchoolAshokan Watershed45002011Complete2011
AshokanRosgen Level 4 - UC SWCDUlster County Soil and Water Cons. DistrictAshokan Watershed50002011Complete2011
AshokanFloodplain Manager Association Training GrantUlster County Cornell Coop. ExtensionAshokan Watershed2447.712012Complete2012
AshokanJerry Bartlett Memorial Angling Collection ImprovementPhoenicia LibraryAshokan Watershed100002012Complete2014
AshokanFloodplain Manager Continuing EducationTown of HurleyHurley3252014Complete2014
AshokanFloodplain Manager Training and CertificationTown of WoodstockWoodstock4852014Complete2014
AshokanFloodplain Manager Certification and Continuing EducationUlster County Dept. of EnvironmentAshokan Watershed8102014Complete2014
AshokanFloodplain Manager Training and CertificationsTown of ShandakenShandaken14552014Complete2014
AshokanWildland Hydrology Course Training for UCDPW StaffUlster County Dept. of Public WorksAshokan Watershed31862014Complete2014
AshokanNYSFSMA Annual Conference Attendance and CFM Continuing EducationTown of WoodstockWoodstock9522015Complete2015
AshokanNYSFSMA Annual Conference Attendance Plus CFM TestTown of OliveOlive21432015Complete2015
AshokanApplied Fluvial Geomorphology Training for Ulster County DPW StaffUlster County Department of Public WorksAshokan Watershed34102015Complete2015
AshokanNYSFSMA Annual Conference Attendance and CFM Continuing EducationTown of ShandakenShandaken38422015Complete2015
AshokanRiparian Pollinator Garden-Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive CenterCatskill Center for Conservation and DevelopmentShandaken90002015Complete2018
AshokanStream and Floodplain Manager Training ScholarshipsCCEUCAshokan Watershed205852016Complete2017
AshokanCatskill Stream ChampionsCCEUCAshokan Watershed106302017Complete2019
AshokanCatskill Waters VideoFractured AtlasWoodstock220002017Complete2019
AshokanAshokan Quarry Trail Educational and Interpretive SignageCatskill Mountain ClubAshokan Watershed38452019Complete2019
AshokanEducational Program About Licensed GuidesPhoenicia LibraryPhoenecia21352019Complete2019
AshokanHEC-RAS Workshop for Modeling Bridges & CulvertsMilone & MacBroom, Inc.Mt. Tremper273052019Complete2019
AshokanPhoenicia Mitigation Phase 1Town of ShandakenShandaken32770.82011Complete2011
AshokanPhoenicia Flood Resiliency Planning and OutreachTown of ShandakenShandaken925002011Complete2014
AshokanStony Clove at PhoeniciaTown of Shandaken Phoenecia2340002011Complete2012
AshokanSAFARI Coordination with Mitigation PlanRCAP Solutions Community ResourcesShandaken100002012Complete2012
AshokanSupplemental Funding for Local Flood Analysis for Phoenicia and Mt. TremperTown of ShandakenShandakenSee 842014Complete2015
AshokanLocal Flood and Feasibility Analysis for Phoenicia and Mt. TremperTown of ShandakenShandaken928502014Complete2015
AshokanTown of Olive Flood Hazard Mitigation PlanTown of OliveOlive24285.22015Complete2019
AshokanLocal Flood Analysis for Boiceville and W. ShokanTown of OliveOlive815952015Complete2017
AshokanLocal Flood Analysis for the Hamlets of Shandaken and Allaben, Town of Shandaken, Ulster County, NYShandakenEsopus Creek1150002016Complete2019
AshokanHabitat Mapping for the Town of WoodstockTown of WoodstockWoodstock290002010Complete2013
AshokanRock Snot in Sick RiversSUNY New PaltzEsopus Creek49842010Complete2010
AshokanTrimble GPS UnitUlster County Cornell Coop. ExtensionAshokan Watershed83752010Complete2010
AshokanQuantitative Assessment of Water Quality in the Upper Esopus CreekUSGSEsopus Creek270802010Complete2011
AshokanApplied 3-Dimensional Geologic Mapping in Ulster County, NYNY State Museum/Geological SurveyAshokan Watershed380372010Complete2012
AshokanUse of Telemetry to Assess Effects of Shandaken Tunnel on TroutUSGSEsopus Creek868002010Complete2012
AshokanQuantitative Assessment of Fish, Macroinvertebrate, and Periphyton Ccommunities in the Upper Esopus CreekUSGSEsopus Creek797002010Complete2013
AshokanQuantitative Assessment of Water Quality in the Upper Esopus CreekUSGSEsopus Creek909902010Complete2013
AshokanCharacterization of Suspended Sediment in Warner CreekSUNY - New PaltzAshokan Watershed50002011Complete2012
AshokanRole of Suspended Sediment on Warner Creek's EcologySUNY - New PaltzAshokan Watershed50002011Complete2013
AshokanDidymo in Esopus Creek: Identification of BloomSUNY New PaltzEsopus Creek74002011Complete2013
AshokanImpact of Climate Change (floods) on Stream Ecosystems in the CatskillsUSGS AquaticAshokan Watershed300002012Complete2014
AshokanBank Erosion Assessment and Analysis in Stony Clove Creek, 2001-2012Syracuse UniversityStony Clove450002012Complete2014
AshokanLong-Term Effects, Resiliance and Recovery of Fish in the Upper Esopus CreekUSGSEsopus Creek300002012Complete2015
AshokanMonitoring Turbidity, Suspended Sediment Concentrations, and Sediment Loads in the Beaver Kill and Warner Creek WatershedsUSGSAshokan Watershed209750.232012Complete2015
AshokanLong-term Trends in Rainbow Trout Growth and Naturalized Populations in the Ashokan BasinUSGSAshokan Watershed1163382012Complete2018
AshokanEngineering Services for Pine Hill Trail NetworkTown of ShandakenShandaken50002014Complete2015
AshokanAssessing the Impact of Groundwater and Heterogeneous Glacial Deposits on Streambank Erosion in the Stony Clove Creek WatershedThe Research Foundation SUNY New PaltzStony Clove300002014Complete2014
AshokanMaltby Hollow Stream Feature Inventory and Erosion Site AssessmentTown of OliveOlive302192015Complete2016
AshokanCommunity Rating SystemTown of ShandakenShandaken210002016In Progress
AshokanUpper Esopus Creek Fish Community MonitoringUSGSAshokan Watershed357812016Complete2018
AshokanWoodland Creek Watershed Turbidity MonitoringUSGSWoodland Creek297262016Complete2018
AshokanBANCS ModelStantecAshokan Watershed2602602016Complete2019
AshokanUpper Esopus Creek Temperature StudySUNY New PaltzAshokan Watershed400002016Complete2019
AshokanAshokan Watershed Stream Crossing Assessment and PrioritizationUlster County/CCEAshokan Watershed315752017Complete2019
AshokanPilot Chemical Control of Oliverea JKW standsCatskill Center for Conservation and DevelopmentShandaken120002017Complete2019
AshokanShandaken Flood Mitigation Plan: Required Five-Year Update Town of ShandakenShandaken475002018Complete2019
AshokanAnalysis of the Strategies to Monitor and Detect Change in Fish Assemblages of the Upper Esopus CreekU.S. Geological SurveyAshokan Watershed520922018Complete2019
AshokanCatskill Heritage Brook Trout StudyAshokan-Pepacton Watershed Chapter Trout UnlimitedEsopus Creek5002018Complete2019
AshokanContinuation of Sediment Source Fingerprinting and Hydrophone Data ProcessingUSGSStony Clove387432018In-Process
AshokanContinued Monitoring of the Wilmot Way Sediment and Turbidity Reduction Project in the Woodland Creek WatershedU.S. Geological SurveyAshokan Watershed331672018In-Process
AshokanFabrication and Testing of Submerged Load Cell Systems to Quantify Bed Transport in the Upper Esopus CreekU.S. Geological SurveyAshokan Watershed578892019In-Process
AshokanResponse of Fish Assemblages and Habitat to Stream Restoration in the Ashokan WatershedU.S. Geological SurveyAshokan Watershed967722019In-Process
AshokanEffects of Stream Restoration Projects on Water Temperature in the Ashokan Watershed USGSAshokan Watershed464232020Design
AshokanCatskill Heritage Brook Trout Study Trout UnlimitedAshokan Watershed15002020In-Process
AshokanWoodland Valley at Fawn HillUlster County Dept. of Public WorksShandaken350752010Complete2010
AshokanBeaver Kill Channel ProtectionTown of WoodstockWoodstock57002011Complete2011
AshokanStony Clove Creek Restoration at Chichester Site 1Ulster County Soil and Water Cons. DistrictShandaken4313372011Complete2012
AshokanMaltby Hollow Brook Restoration - Post IreneUlster County Dept. of Public WorksOlive10474.652012Complete2012
AshokanBeaver Kill at Mink Hollow ProjectsTown of WoodstockWoodstock1029002012Complete2013
AshokanBushkill / Watson Hollow Slope StabilizationUlster County Department of Public WorksOlive680002015Complete2018
AshokanStony Clove @ Wright Rd. Admin. ServicesTown of HunterHunter86502017Complete2017
AshokanConstruction of Watson Hollow Stream Restoration and Slope StabilizationUlster County DPWOlive2500002017Complete2018
AshokanBradkin Road Culvert ReplacementUlster County Soil and Water Cons. DistrictOlive107479.812010Complete2012
AshokanRaingarden ProjectUlster County Cornell Coop. ExtensionShandaken432010Complete2011
AshokanVan Hoagland Bridge Hydraulic StudyTown of Woodstock Woodstock50002011Complete2011
AshokanVan Hoagland Road Bridge ReplacementTown of WoodstockWoodstock2000002011Complete2012
AshokanWoodland Creek at Fawn Hill Rd. Bridge Grade ControlTown of ShandakenShandaken100002014Complete2015
AshokanDry Brook at Hillside Drive Bridge ReplacementTown of OliveOlive200002014Complete2015
AshokanFox Hollow Creek at Herdman Rd. Bridge Grade ControlTown of ShandakenShandaken100002014Complete2015
AshokanFox Hollow Creek at Fox Hollow Rd. Bridge Grade ControlTown of ShandakenShandaken100002015Complete2015
AshokanMine Hollow Culvert ReplacementUlster County Department of Public WorksOlive600002015Complete2016
AshokanCulvert Replacement on Hillside Dr. over Dry BrookTown of Olive Highway Dept.Olive3440002015Complete2017
AshokanFinal Design and Construction Fox Hollow Grade Control by Herdman BridgeTown of ShandakenShandaken907572015Complete2016
AshokanFischer Bridge over Esopus Creek Trib. ConstructionUCDPWShandaken773002016Complete2016
AshokanDesign and Construction Mink Hollow Bridge Up-Sizing Town of WoodstockWoodstock1850002018In-Process
AshokanMink Hollow Bridge Up-SizingTown of WoodstockWoodstock112853.42018In-Process
AshokanC.R. 139 Culvert Replacement for Aquatic PassageUlster County DPWOlive525002019In-Process
AshokanDesign and Engineering Bostock Road and Red Maple Road CulvertsTown of OliveOlive1350002020Design
AshokanPeck Hollow Bridge UpsizingTown of ShandakenShandaken2210382020Design
AshokanMink Hollow Bridge Up-Sizing ConstructionTown of WoodstockWoodstock3339502020In-Process

Delaware Watershed – Stream Management Implementation Program

BasinProject Title       Applicant            Project LocationAmount AwardedYear AwardedStatusYear Completed
DelawareWalton School Gravel StudyVillage of WaltonWest Branch Delaware River90002011Complete2015
DelawareFleischmanns Local Flood AnalysisVillage of FleischmannsVly Creek/Bush Kill772502011Complete2016
DelawareNYS Rt 206 Bridge, Floodplain study (LFA)Town of WaltonWest Branch Delaware River1948402011Complete2017
DelawareArkville Local Flood AnalysisTown of MiddletownEast Branch Delaware River/Dry Brook978002012Complete2017
DelawareHamden Local Flood AnalysisTown of HamdenWest Branch Delaware River700002015Complete2017
DelawareDelhi Local Flood AnalysisTown of DelhiWest Branch Delaware River967582015Complete2018
DelawareAndes Local Flood AnalysisTown of AndesTremper Kill/Liddle Brook797582015Complete2018
DelawareWater St Utility RelocationTown of WaltonTown of Walton461002017Complete2017
DelawareUSGS – V. Delhi Flood Inundation MappingVillage of DelhiWest Branch Delaware River160002011Complete2012
DelawareBallentine Park Master PlanTown of AndesTremper Kill248002011Complete2015
DelawareArkville Recreational Hub Trail Master PlanNew York-New Jersey Trail ConferenceEast Branch Delaware22502019In-Process
DelawareEast Branch Enhance Recreational OpportunitiesWater Discovery CenterEast Branch Basin557502010Complete2016
DelawareBoat Launch, Hoyt ParkVillage of DelhiWest Branch Delaware River612002011Complete2015
DelawareBoat Launch, Hamden Covered BridgeTown of HamdenWest Branch Delaware River557182011Complete2016
DelawareTown of Walton River AccessTown of WaltonWest Branch Delaware River829002011Complete2016
DelawareVillage of Delhi River Walk (Phase 1)Village of DelhiWest Branch Delaware River397502012Complete2015
DelawareVillage of Delhi River Walk (Phase 2)Village of DelhiWest Branch Delaware River605372015Complete2019
DelawareCREP-CSBI Pilot ProgramWatershed Agricultural CouncilDelaware County1417502017In-Process
DelawareEBDR Trout Habitat ImprovementTrout UnlimitedEast Branch Delaware River994802018Complete2020
DelawareCatskill Recreation Center Walking TrailCatskill Recreation CenterEast Branch Delaware River455002018Complete2020
DelawareArkville Recreation HubWater Discovery CenterEast Branch Delaware River02018In-Process
DelawareBeers Brook Stream Stabilization – Site DTown of WaltonBeers Brook479622010Complete2014
DelawareBeers Brook Stream Stabilization – Site ATown of WaltonBeers Brook507932010Complete2014
DelawareLower Dingle Hill Rd Stream StabilizationTown of AndesBush Kill467002011Complete2014
DelawareHoliday Brook Stream RealignmentTown of AndesHoliday Brook391102011Complete2015
DelawareGulf Brook StabilizationTown of AndesGulf Brook711022011Complete2015
DelawareLittle Delaware, Bovina Highway Garage Bank Stabilization.Town of BovinaWest Branch Delaware River2984272011Complete2017
DelawareClose Hollow StabilizationTown of AndesClose Hollow53095.42011Complete2019
DelawareTown Brook Stream RestorationTown of StamfordTown Brook31527.582015Complete2018
DelawareBeers Brook Grade ControlTown of WaltonBeers Brook31645.242015Complete2018
DelawareEast Brook Streambank StabilizationTown of HamdenEast Brook66366.62015Complete2018
DelawareStockton Avenue Streambank StabilizationVillage of WaltonWest Branch Delaware River3985452015Complete2019
DelawareHardscrabble Stream Restoration (Pleasant Valley)Town of RoxburyHardscrabble Road62737.162015Complete2019
DelawareMill Brook Stream RestorationTown of HardenburghMill Brook896612015Complete2019
DelawareCounty Route 22/East Brook Streambank StabilizationDelaware County DPWEast Brook2855222015In-Process
DelawareHamden Hill Road Streambank StabilizationTown of DelhiHamden Hill2600002018In-Process
DelawareLittle Red Kill Streambank StabilizationTown of MiddletownLittle Red Kill2360002018In-Process
DelawarePines Brook Grade ControlTown of WaltonPines Brook2750002018In-Process
DelawareLeft Pines Brook Culvert Outfall ProtectionTown of WaltonLeft Pines Brook138002010Complete2011
DelawareMallory Brook Culvert ReplacementTown of HamdenMallory Brook1702022010Complete2011
DelawareRoxbury Mountain Rd Culvert ReplacementTown of StamfordRoses Brook2408332010Complete2012
DelawareOdell Lake Rd Stormwater projectTown of HarpersfieldOdell Lake Rd455002010Complete2011
DelawareHydroseederTown of WaltonDelaware Basin wide977552010Complete2011
DelawarePurchase of 6″ and 8″ pumpsDelaware CountyDelaware Basin wide1306522011Complete2012
DelawareOdell Lake Rd Ext. Culvert ReplacementTown of HarpersfieldO'Dell Lake Road445002011Complete2018
DelawareGrant Brook Retaining WallVillage of HobartGrant Brook22910.752015Complete2018
DelawareMiller Avenue Culvert ReplacementTown of BovinaMiller Avenue268188.552015Complete2019
DelawareCarroll Hill Road Bridge Replacement-DesignTown of TompkinsCarroll Hill Road500002015In-Process
DelawareJohn Tuttle Road Culvert Replacement-DesignTown of MiddletownJohn Tuttle Road300002015In-Process
DelawareCrystal Creek Culvert ReplacementTown of HamdenCrystal Creek3000002018In-Process
DelawareMonroe Road Culvert ReplacementTown of MeredithMonroe Road3100002018In-Process
DelawareTributary Grade ControlVillage of WaltonEast Brook, West Brook, Third Brook02018In-Process

Rondout and Neversink Watersheds – Stream Management Implementation Program

BasinProject Title       Applicant            Project LocationAmount AwardedYear AwardedStatusYear Completed
Neversink and RondoutMap Conservation for Town of Neversink Town of NeversinkGrahamsville, NY 54302015Complete2015
Neversink and RondoutWatershed Learning: Visual StorytellingTri Valley CSDRondout/ Neversink basin150002016Complete2017
Neversink and RondoutTri Valley CSD - Elementary School Time and the Valleys Museum Town of Neversink50002016Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutCatskill WatersKeiko SonoR/N242412016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutStream StewardsCatskill CenterRondout, Blue Hole315682017Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutSullivan BOCES AR SandboxSullivan BOCESRondout/ Neversink basin20002017Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutWaterwheelTime And Valleys MuseumGrahamsville, NY 12335.422017Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutWild About WaterTri Valley Central SchoolRondout/ Neversink basin10002017Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutTime and Valleys Museum AR SandboxTime And Valleys MuseumGrahamsville, NY 25852017Complete2020
Neversink and RondoutUSGS Fisheries Study Team Support-Frost ValleyFrost Valley YMCARondout/Neversink25002018Complete2018
Neversink and RondoutBedloader CurriculumSygySCIGrahamsville, NY 30002019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutChestnut Creek River HistoryTown of NeversinkGrahamsville, NY 47102019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutEnviroscape for TVCSTri Valley Central SchoolGrahamsville, NY 1268.622019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutLeave No Trace Blue Hole StewardshipCatskill CenterRondout, Blue Hole150002019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutFisheries Study Rondout / Neversink Towns of Denning and NeversinkRondout/Neversink32002019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutLeave No Trace Blue Hole StewardshipCatskill CenterRondout, Blue Hole100002020Complete2020
Neversink and RondoutHow the Forest Sings to the StreamArm of the SeaGrahamsville, NY 125002020In-Process
Neversink and RondoutRondout History Digital BookTown of NeversinkGrahamsville, NY 50002020In-Process
Neversink and RondoutLarge wood obstruction contractorUlster CountyTown of Denning33002016Complete2016
Neversink and RondoutLarge wood obstruction contractorSullivan CountyTown of Neversink33002016Complete2016
Neversink and RondoutLarge Wood StudyColorado State UniversityBiscuit Brook, Denning990862017Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutFish SurveyUSGSRondount/Neversink basin1745842017Complete2020
Neversink and RondoutHemlock ConservationCary InstituteWest Branch Neversink, Denning14373.52019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutMannings N and Flow DepthCary InstituteWest Branch Neversink, Neversink14373.52019Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutFish Population StudyUSGSRondount/Neversink basin594002020In-Process
Neversink and RondoutStreambank Stabilization at New Road Hill Town of DenningDenning Road at intersection of New Road Hill bridge16059.942015Complete2015
Neversink and RondoutErts Brook Culvert Replacement Town of DenningDenning Rd at Eris Brook179052015Complete2015
Neversink and RondoutEast Branch Neversink Flat Brook Culvert DesignTown of DenningTown of Denning150002016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutEast Branch Neversink Riley Brook Culvert DesignTown of DenningTown of Denning150002016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutEast Branch Neversink School House Culvert DesignTown of DenningTown of Denning150002016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutEast Branch Neversink Straus Culvert DesignTown of DenningTown of Denning150002016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutSugarloaf Rd. Culvert Survey & DesignTown of NeversinkTown of Neversink150002016Complete2019
Neversink and RondoutS-Turn Cost ShareUlster CountyRondout, Blue Hole5000002017Completed2018

Schoharie Watershed – Stream Management Implementation Program

BasinProject Title       Applicant            Project LocationAmount AwardedYear AwardedStatusYear Completed
Schoharie9th Annual Schoharie Watershed MonthSWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed41342018Complete2018
Schoharie2010 Schoharie Watershed Week Activities and EventsSWAC Education & Outreach SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed51002010Complete2010
SchoharieAshland Park EnhancementsTown of AshlandTown of Ashland60252016Complete2017
SchoharieB.G. Partridge Road Culvert ReplacementTown of Ashland Highway DepartmentTown of Ashland51973.022009Complete2011
SchoharieBatavia Kill Restoration at HoldenPrivate LandownerAshland1500002009Complete2012
SchoharieBatavia Kill Restoration at KastanisLaurie Rieger, Property Owner Town of Ashland1500002017Complete2017
SchoharieBatavia Kill Restoration at Red Falls - Kane Property OwnerPrattsville2000002020In-Process
SchoharieBowery Creek Training Facility Curriculum Development for Onsite Field TrainingsCornell Cooperative Extension of Greene CountySchoharie Basin45002017Complete2019
SchoharieCD Lane Family DayCommunity of Windham FoundationWindham6302010Complete2010
SchoharieCD Lane Park Educational PanelsTown of WindhamWindham41802020In-Process
SchoharieConesville Town Park Community EnhancementTown of ConesvilleTown of Conesville325002014Complete2015
SchoharieConine Park EnhancementsTown of PrattsvilleTown of Prattsville96002015Complete2016
SchoharieCounty Route 2 Culvert on Unnamed Tributary to Little West KillGreene County Highway Dept.Town of Lexington1000002018Complete2019
SchoharieCounty Route 2 Culvert ReplacementGreene County Highway Dept.Lexington1000002016Complete2017
SchoharieCounty Route 2 Over Unnamed Tributary to Schoharie Creek Bridge DesignGreene County Highway Dept.Lexington500002020Design
SchoharieCounty Route 6 Slope FailureGreene County Highway DepartmentTown of Lexington750002011Complete2013
SchoharieCounty Route 78 Culvert on Unnamed Tributary to East KillGreene County Highway Dept.Town of Jewett1000002018Complete2019
SchoharieCounty Route 78 Culvert on Unnamed Tributary to East Kill Bed StabilizationGreene County Highway Dept.Town of Jewett2000002020Complete2020
SchoharieCranberry Rd. Culvert UpgradeTown of HunterTown of Hunter696452010Complete2016
SchoharieEast Kill Restoration at Apple HillPrivate LandownersJewett1500002011Complete2012
SchoharieEast Kill Restoration at NikolaidisPrivate LandownerJewett1500002011Complete2012
SchoharieEast Kill Restoration at Vista RidgePrivate LandownerJewett1500002009Complete2011
SchoharieEast Kill Streambank Stabilization near CR78Jewett1500002019Complete2019
SchoharieEnvironmental Awareness Movie Series at the Mountain Top LibraryMountain Top LibraryTannersville5002017Complete2019
SchoharieEnviroscape Watershed Education ModelSWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed9002016Complete2017
SchoharieGlen Avenue Culvert UpgradeVillage of HunterVillage of Hunter746632011Complete2015
SchoharieHunter Branch Rail TrailHunterHunter600002019Complete2019
SchoharieHunter Branch Rail Trail                                                                                                Village of HunterHunter250002020Design
SchoharieHunter Brook Fishing Access and Habitat Enhancement NYSDECLexington250002018Complete2019
SchoharieHunter Wetlands Leachate Treatment System Remediation - Engineering Town of HunterTown of Hunter250002016Complete2017
SchoharieHunter Wetlands Leachate Treatment System Remediation Implementation Town of HunterTown of Hunter90502017Complete2017
SchoharieHunter-Tannersville Student Photography TripSWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed6002016Complete2017
SchoharieHuntersfield Creek Falls TrailPrattsvillePrattsville60002020In-Process
SchoharieKaaterskill United Methodist ChurchKaaterskill United Methodist ChurchTannersville153112014Complete2019
SchoharieKaaterskill United Methodist ChurchKaaterskill United Methodist ChurchTannersville99566.42014Complete2019
SchoharieLexington Park 2Town of LexingtonTown of Lexington101002015Complete2019
SchoharieLexington Pocket Stream Access ParkTown of LexingtonTown of Lexington42852010Complete2015
SchoharieManor Kill Acquisition Local Cost ShareTown of ConesvilleTown of Conesville9412.52012Complete2014
SchoharieManor Kill at ConesvilleTown of ConesvilleConesville1500002015Complete2015
SchoharieManor Kill Environmental Study TeamSchoharie River CenterManor Kill50002009Complete2012
SchoharieManor Kill Information KioskTown of ConesvilleTown of Conesville$1.833.002010Complete2011
SchoharieMauro Residence Bank StabilizationPrivate LandownerVillage of Hunter584.12009Complete2010
SchoharieMitchell Hollow Rd (CR 21)Greene County HighwayWindham750002010Complete2016
SchoharieMountain Top Arboretum - Rain Garden Interpretive Signage & Educational MaterialsMountain Top ArboretumTannersville149002020In-Process
SchoharieMountain Top Arboretum Education Center Rain GardenMountain Top ArboretumTannersville76602017Complete2018
SchoharieMountain Top Arboretum Emerald Bog Boardwalk and Education
Mountain Top ArboretumTannersville85332019Complete2019
SchoharieMountain Top Arboretum Outdoor ClassroomMountain Top ArboretumTannersville243232010Complete2012
SchoharieMountain Top Arboretum Rain Garden ImplementationMountain Top ArboretumTannersville249872018Complete2019
SchoharieMountaintop Better Site Design Plan WorkshopsAshland, Jewett, Lexington, Windham, Village of Hunter and Village of TannersvilleAshland, Jewett, Lexington, Windham, Village of Hunter andVillage of Tannersville6254.252010Complete2012
SchoharieMountaintop Highway Ditch Re-vegetation ProgramSWAC Highway/Infrastructure SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed120002011Complete2013
SchoharieMountaintop Highway Ditch Stabilization Program SWAC Highway SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed500002015Complete2019
SchoharieMountaintop Library Stormwater Retrofit Project DesignHaines Falls Free Public LibraryTannersville44974.52009Complete2010
SchoharieMountaintop Sweeper and Vacuum truckGreene County HighwaySchoharie Watershed500002009Complete2017
SchoharieMultifunctional Riparian Buffer Guide and Workshop SeriesCCE of Greene and ColumbiaSchoharie Watershed99112020In-Process
SchoharieRain Barrel WorkshopGreene County Cornell Cooperative ExtensionSchoharie Watershed18842010Complete2010
SchoharieRappleyea Road Culvert Design ProjectTown of LexingtonLexington500002020Design
SchoharieRion Stream Restoration DesignSchoharie County SWCDConesville180002016Complete2019
SchoharieSawmill Creek Channel Assessment TannersvilleTannersville500002019Complete2019
SchoharieSchoharie Corridor Local Flood Hazard Mitigation AnalysisTown of Hunter, Villages of Tannersville and HunterTown of Hunter, Villages of Tannersville and Hunter1000002016Complete2019
SchoharieSchoharie Corridor Local Flood Hazard Mitigation Analysis Town of Hunter, Villages of Tannersville and HunterTown of Hunter, Villages of Tannersville and Hunter700002017Complete2019
SchoharieSchoharie Streambank Stabilization and Riparian Planting at KozakPrivate LandownerJewett1500002011Complete2016
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month 2019SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed21502019Complete2019
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month Environmental Film Series and Panel DiscussionWatershed Agricultural CouncilSchoharie Watershed22302011Complete2011
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month, 2013SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed1651.952013Complete2013
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month, 2014SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed1403.672014Complete2014
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month, 2015SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed12702015Complete2015
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month, 2016SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed27652016Complete2016
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Month, 2017Schoharie Watershed Month Planning Committee Schoharie Basin25002017Complete2017
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Stream Crossing WorkshopSWAC Education & Outreach SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed76002010Complete2016
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Stream Crossing/Culvert DesignSWAC Highway SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed500002010Complete2016
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Stream Crossing/Culvert DesignSWAC Highway SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed750002017Complete2019
SchoharieSchoharie Watershed Stream Crossing/Culvert Engineering FundSWAC Highway SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed300002011Complete2016
SchoharieSouth Gilboa Rd Culvert ReplacementSchoharie County DPWSchoharie Watershed1000002015Complete2016
SchoharieStormwater Floodplain Simulation System SWAC E/O SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed16002018Complete2018
SchoharieSWAC and Schoharie Watershed Week logosSWAC Education & Outreach SubcommitteeSchoharie Watershed7502009Complete2009
SchoharieThermal Refuge StudyUnited States Geological Survey (USGS) and RITSchoharie Creek and West Kill764212009Complete2015
SchoharieTown of Ashland Local Flood AnalysisTown of AshlandTown of Ashland500002016Complete2018
SchoharieTown of Ashland Local Flood AnalysisTown of AshlandTown of Ashland148802017Complete2018
SchoharieTown of Conesville Local Flood AnalysisTown of ConesvilleTown of Conesville1000002015Complete2017
SchoharieTown of Conesville Local Flood AnalysisTown of ConesvilleTown of Conesville400002016Complete2018
SchoharieTown of Hunter Land Use Regulation Review &Development GuidelinesTown of HunterTown of Hunter350002010Complete2016
SchoharieTown of Lexington Local Flood Hazard AnalysisTown of LexingtonTown of Lexington498502013Complete2015
SchoharieTown of Lexington Watershed Awareness Workshops for ChildrenTown of LexingtonLexington30002015Complete2015
SchoharieTown of Windham Local Flood Hazard AnalysisTown of WindhamTown of Windham338602014Complete2015
SchoharieTruesdell Road Culvert Retrofit                                                                                  Trout UnlimitedLexington250002020Design
SchoharieWater Quality at HomeGreene County Cornell Cooperative ExtensionSchoharie Watershed28502010Complete2011
SchoharieWest Kill at County Route 6Private Landowner/GCHDLexington1500002011Complete2013
SchoharieWest Kill at State Route 42 Stream RestorationTown of LexingtonTown of Lexington2000002013Complete2013
SchoharieWet Meadow: Interpretive Kiosk and BrochuresMountain Top ArboretumTannersville5184.42009Complete2010
SchoharieWindham Path Bank Stabilization DesignTown of WindhamWindham500002020Design
SchoharieWindham Path multi-use, non-motorized trail on Batavia KillWindham Area Recreation FoundationWindham10869.372010Complete2011
SchoharieWindham Path Phase 2Windham Area Recreation FoundationTown of Windham239002011Complete2012
SchoharieWoodland Walk Outdoor ClassroomMountain Top ArboretumTannersville68102010Complete2011