Local Flood Analysis

Following Tropical Storms Irene and Lee in 2011, a framework was developed for funding flood hazard mitigation in the NYC West of Hudson watersheds.  It has been recognized that flooding produces a variety of hazards and impacts not only to public safety, but also to water quality.  Under this new initiative, Stream Management Programs in the NYC water supply watersheds and the Catskill Watershed Corporation are supporting the analysis of flood conditions and the identification of hazard mitigation projects.  The process consists of two steps: 1) an engineering analysis of flood conditions and identification of potential flood mitigation projects articulated in a plan and 2) project design and implementation.  The engineering analysis and plan are termed “Local Flood Analysis.” The LFA Program Rules define the process for municipalities to apply for funding to complete a Local Flood Analysis (LFA).  The program rules also define the process for municipalities to seek funding from the Stream Management Program to implement projects that involve streams, floodplains and adjacent infrastructure to reduce flood hazards.

Completed and Final Drafts LFAs:


Learn more about the rules for the Local Flood Analysis Program.

NYCDEP-Sponsored Flood Hazard Mitigation Funding:

The Catskill Watershed Corporation also has a Flood Hazard Mitigation Implementation Program where LFA project implementation, anchor business and critical community facility relocation and emergency debris removal funding can be sought: http://cwconline.org/fhmi-program-overview/

Stream Management Implementation Program – Funds for the LFA Recommended Projects have been allocated by Delaware County SWCD, Sullivan County SWCD, Greene County SWCD, Ulster County SWCD and the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County through their Stream Management Implementation Programs (SMIPs). These programs are the established mechanism for SMP funding to local communities for implementing priority Stream Management projects, including dedicated funding for flood hazard mitigation programming. Visit our Funding Opportunities page for more details.



  1. FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer (Official) – Data from Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)


  1. CWC Flood Hazard Implementation Program – John Mathiesen  jmathiesen@cwconline.org
  2. Stream Management Implementation Programs
  3. Schoharie Basin (Greene County) – Joel Dubois joel@gcswcd.com
  4. Ashokan Basin (Ulster County) – Leslie A. Zucker laz5@cornell.edu
  5. Delaware Basin (Delaware County) – Graydon Dutcher graydon-dutcher@dcswcd.org
  6. Neversink/Rondout Basins – Stacy Howell showell@rondoutneversink.org