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Filtration Avoidance Determination Reports


Annual Action Plans

Esopus Creek – Action Plan 2018-2020

Schoharie Creek – Action Plan 2018-2020

Rondout Creek – Action Plan 2018-2020

Neversink River – Action Plan 2018-2020

West Branch Delaware River – Action Plan 2018-2019

East Branch Delaware River – Action Plan 2018-2019


SMP Research Initiatives

Upper Esopus Creek Turbidity/Suspended Sediment Monitoring Study: Project Design Report
This technical report describes the research-based approach to improve understanding of turbidity generation in the Ashokan watershed and to evaluate the effectiveness of stream management practices to meaningfully reduce turbidity over a range of hydrologic, spatial and temporal scales.

Esopus Creek Watershed Turbidity Study Design Report


Evaluation Reports