Broadstreet Hollow Stream Management Plan

The Broadstreet Hollow Stream Management Plan has been completed after many years of effort and dedication by many hard working individuals who came together as a team. This stream management plan was created cooperatively by the Broadstreet Hollow streamside community, local leaders and agency representatives, and identifies the common shared goals that many have for the Broadstreet Hollow stream and its adjacent floodplains, forests and wetlands.

The Broadstreet Hollow is a largely intact and healthy stream system, however, existing and future problems were identified within the stream management plan. The recommendations proposed can serve as a guide for long-term stewardship. The success of this plan will ensure the beauty and pristine water that flows through this valley for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations.

The Broadstreet Hollow Stream Management Plan: Volume 1 – June 2003

Forward and Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
Introduction & Goals
Project Partners

Broadstreet Hollow Watershed Description

This section provides watershed background information and characteristics which influence the Broadstreet Hollow stream. A chapter on living streamside and stream related activities may be of particular interest to landowners, answering commonly asked questions, including necessary permits and agency contacts, relating to activities which may impact stream health or stability.
Introduction to Stream Process
Stream Morphology and Classification
Stream Type Maps and Summary Graphs
Geology of Broadstreet Hollow
Hydrology and Flood History
Riparian Vegetation Issues in Stream Management
Fisheries and Wildlife
Water Quality
Recreational Opportunities
Public Infrastructure
Stream Restoration Project Methods
Geotechnical Report for Demonstration Project
Broadstreet Hollow Stream Restoration Project Report
Broadstreet Hollow Restoration Project Monitoring Report (Appendix F of above report)
Surveys, News and other Useful Information

The Broadstreet Hollow Stream Management Plan: Volume 2 – June 2003

Volume 2 Introduction

Management Unit Summary & Recommendations

In this section of the Plan, landowners will find the descriptions of their immediate “stream neighborhood”. The following sections provide detailed maps and descriptions of stream infrastructure features documented as part of the Stream Assessment Survey conducted in 2001, covering approximately 3.5 miles of the main Broadstreet Hollow Stream, from NYS DEC property at the top of the Broadstreet Hollow watershed, down to the mouth of the stream where it meets the Esopus Creek. The stream’s main stem has been organized into nineteen Management Units (MUs). These MU descriptions and companion maps outline stream conditions (its bed and banks), general streamside (riparian) vegetation conditions, and proximity and arrangement of roads, bridges, and culverts. Conditions and recommendations are organized by management objectives: Flooding and Erosion Hazards, Water Quality, and Stream Ecology. These descriptions provide guidance and suggestions for specific projects or assessments in these categories, as well as for additional monitoring that might provide further detail to define specific problems.

Management Unit Map
Use this map to locate the management unit in which you are interested, then refer to the corresponding management unit summary for a detailed description of stream corridor conditions.

Management Unit Introduction

Stream Management Recommendations

This section sets forth an extensive list of general recommendations providing a frame work for watershed stakeholders to develop a long term management strategy to protect and improve the Broadstreet Hollow stream.

Stream Stewardship Recommnedations – Management Unit Summary
Watershed Management Recommendations
Stream Related Activities – Frequently Asked Questions
Funding Sources and Agency Contacts
Supporting Documentation and Appendices: Landowners Maintenance Guide for the BSH Stream Restoration Project, List of Native Plants for Riparian Buffers, Useful Resources, Operation and Maintenance Plan for BSH Restoration, Management Unit Workbooks and Glossary of Terms.

Broadstreet Hollow Stream Management Plan Project Team

Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District
Times Square Professional Office Park
652 State Route 299
Highland, NY 12528
Phone 845-883-7162
Gary Capella, Executive Director
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County
6375 Rt. 28
Shandaken, NY 12454
Phone – 845-688-3047
Fax 845-688-3130
Elizabeth Higgins, Project Coordinator
Greene County Soil & Water Conservation District
907 County Office Building
Cairo NY 12514
Phone 518-622-3620
Fax 518-622-0344
Abbe Martin, Project Manager
NYCDEP Stream Management Program
71 Smith Ave
Kingston NY 124021
Phone 845-340-7839
Fax 845-338-1367
Dan Davis, Project Manager